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Limestone bowl medium

REA-pris420 kr

H5 x D15 cm 

Middle sized bowl made of pure untreated limestone.

For salad, appetizers, side dishes, desserts, cheese, nibbles and anything else you might want in them.

Thickness: 0.8 cm
Weight: 400 g


2-3 weeks

This is a product of nature. Each item is manufactured and finished by hand. The resulting deviations in shape and color are intentional and part of the special charm of this tableware line. NORDIC GREY is a robust and compact limestone in the color medium grey to black.


Due to the different shades of color, before the first application, we recommend priming the bowl with olive oil. This process should be repeated regularly.

Regular forks and knives are no problem for our stone tableware and leave no traces. However, caution is advised with ceramic knives, as their blades are harder than our stone and can create small scratches.

All our plates and bowls can be washed in the dishwasher. However, the gentler variant, as with any other tableware, is to wash it by hand with lukewarm water.

Juices, dark vinegar or even soy sauce are no problem for our untreated stone dishes and leave no long-term color residues. However, we recommend not storing these foods in our plates and bowls for long periods of time, for example overnight.

The plates and bowls become more and more unique over time and develop their patina. If you want to keep the velvety feel of the untreated natural stone, you can rub the dishes with a few drops of olive oil from time to time. This gives our Nordic Grey an additional deep grey look.

One of the particularly pleasant properties of natural stone is that it tolerates extreme heat and cold very well. We put our bowls and plates in the oven, we put them on the hot plate, we cool our ice cream in the freezer and put provisions in the fridge. A very pleasant side effect is that stones store heat and cold well.

Limestone bowl medium
Limestone bowl medium REA-pris420 kr