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Our hand-made cement tiles from the end of the 19th century France are spectacular and made from an old technique. The all have an old patinated surface 

They quickly became fashionable with their vivid colors and beautiful pattern. The tiles appeared in the homes of Bourgeoise, in public buildings and churches. The process of restoring them is very intense and time consuming when every tile needs to be polished by hand to remove old grout and concrete. 

For any order of tiles, we invite you to contact us to check the stock of available tiles.


Different surface treatments can be applied, either age-old such as wax or oil, or modern sealants to apply after installation as you would for new terra-cotta tiles or for stone flooring. Avoid strong products with any acid or chlorine. Please contact your local hard-wear store or Artispelisse for more information. 

Approved for floor heating. For usage in bathroom or outside please contact info@artispelisse.se

Cement From: 2095 kr/sqm

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