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Square Floors


All our Terracotta floor tiles are classic hand-made from France (á la main). These tiles are over 100 years old with a magnificent patina and time only makes them more beautiful. Their timeless design and charm provide a natural and warm appearance to interiors and they last a lifetime. The variation of warm colors and shades are different to new terracotta tiles and therefore they are perfect if you want to restore historic interiors and for eco-friendly new building projects. All tiles are completely unique and may vary in size. 


The labor was often very intensive with generations of family’s extracting suitable clay locally, molding it by hand and let it dry before heated in a kiln to create the tile. You can find these tiles in old houses around France, Belgium and England. The variation of color depends on the temperature and time in the heating process. 


Different surface treatments can be applied, either age-old such as wax or oil, or modern sealants to apply after installation as you would for new terra-cotta tiles or for stone flooring. Avoid strong products with any acid or chlorine. Please contact your local hard-wear store or Artispelisse for more information. 

Approved for floor heating. For usage in bathroom or outside please contact info@artispelisse.se 

Square from 1890 kr /sqm

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