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Cutting board Irregular

REA-pris600 kr

Exclusive hand made cutting boards in Mediterranean Olive tree with natural colors that provides an attractive and decorative appearance to your home and kitchen.

This is the perfect gift! Each piece has been manufactured from a different piece of wood each revealing its beauty and grain depending on the tree in which it was made from.

Each product is totally unique. Olive wood is very resistant and the material is recognized for its anti-bacterial qualities and sustainability. Hand wash only. Never put your olive wood items in the washing machine or let them soak in water.

Remember to oil the wood regularly.

Unshaped with handle: This cutting board has a channel and a juice pocket for your meats. It can be used on both sides, one for cutting and the other for presentation.

Hand made from natural olive wood, unvarnished and treated with oil.

Cutting board Irregular
Cutting board Irregular REA-pris600 kr